Stomp them, crush them and make some wine at the 2019 Denton Grape Stomp!

Find a stomp partner and start practicing for the Denton Grape Stomp Contest to be held on Saturday, September 7th at the North Texas Wine & Brew Festival.

Challenge is to see which team can stomp the best to fill the carafe below the barrels and win the 1st place prize. The 2nd and 3rd place do not go home empty-handed!

  • Cost is $20 CASH per team. (donated to local non-profit)
  • Each team consists of 2 persons, a stomper, and a swabbie.
  • Maximum number of teams is (16) Sixteen
  • Must be 18+ to participate in competition
  • All team members required to sign Waiver-Release.
  • Only teams that submit the cash entry fee of $20 per team and sign a waiver-release will be officially entered into the competition.
  • The stompers stand in the barrels and flatten the grapes with their bare feet. The swabbies stand below the barrels and catch the juice with a carafe. The team whose carafe has the most juice after stomping for 1:30 minutes is the winner and advances to the final round. There will be four rounds. The winners of the first four rounds will compete in the 5th round to determine the 2019 Denton Grape Stomp Champion Team.
  • First, Second and Third place winners in the Championship round will receive a gift.

There are 4 barrels so the first 12 teams to sign up and pay the cash entry fee will participate. Sign up starts at 1:30pm at the Grape Stage. 

If you are not one of the first 12 teams to register, you will be added to the “alternate” list. Sign up your team at the table near the Grape stage. Sign up opens on Saturday at 1:30 pm and closes at 4:15 pm.

The teams will start lining up at the Grape Stage 15 minutes before the event (Saturday at 5:00pm). If your team is not at the stage 15 minutes before the event, your spot will be forfeited to an alternate team and your fee will be donated. (Alternate teams are those that sign up after the first 12 teams).

So take off those shoes (and socks) and be ready to stomp them, crush them and make some wine!

Denton Grape Stomp